Art and Publishings

Lea Hamilton’s artworks speak to visual perception and materiality. Considering herself primarily a painter, her practice revolves around the manipulation of surfaces and conceptualized image making. Nevertheless, she also is heavily concerned with materiality, and her practice often resolves itself sculpturally. Hamilton draws inspiration from portraiture and its history to explore the relationship between the viewer and the viewed, as well as the roles that ritual and time play in the creation of an artwork. By engaging with unconventional and reflective materials, her work seeks to call attention to the act of looking, and allows for the materials to convey a message.

Hamilton was born in 1992 in Ottawa. She has received her BFA from the University of Ottawa in 2014. Hamilton has exhibited in and curated several shows in Ottawa and Toronto. Her most recent exhibitions include Art and Chocolate at Artscape Youngplace in Toronto, SURFACING II at Studio Sixty Six and Preface, the graduating exhibition at the University of Ottawa. Hamilton's works are in numerous private collections in Canada. Hamilton is currently working on several solo and collaborative projects and developing a new body of work. She currently lives and practices in Ottawa.