Art and Writing

Lea Hamilton

Born in Ottawa, Canada, 1992.



2010-2014    Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON.



2016    Unholy Objects, Studio Sixty Six, Ottawa, ON.

2016    Art and Chocolate, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, ON.

2014    SURFACING II, curated by Michael Orsini, Studio Sixty Six, Ottawa, ON. 

2014    Preface, Graduating Exhibition, 100 Laurier Ave. East, University of Ottawa, ON.

2014    Reflections: Lea Hamilton and Gabrielle Hoover, Gallery 115, Ottawa, ON.

2014    Assemblage: Artist as Curator, Gallery 5.6, Ottawa, ON. 

2013    Spectra, Routhier Community Centre, Nuit Blanche, Ottawa, ON.

2013    Jacqueline Fry Scholarship Exhibition, Gallery 115, Ottawa, ON.



2014    Assemblage: Artist as Curator, Gallery 5.6, Ottawa, ON. 

2013    Breaking Point, co-curated, Pilot Point Chemical Engineering Lab, University of Ottawa,

            Ottawa, ON.



2015-17   Member, Young Arts Leaders Collective, Ottawa, ON



2015        Chemical Transformations, Anna Paluch, Art and Science Journal, Ottawa, ON.

2014/6/25    Lea Hamilton: art at its rawest, Marie-Pier Deschenes, uOttawa Gazette, Ottawa,         ON.

2014/4/22    Preface Catalogue, Loudmouth Printhouse, Ottawa, ON.

2014/3/1    The Petri Dish Project, Art and Science Journal : Issue 3,

2014/2/9    Breaking Point Catalogue, Lee Jones,

2013/9/26    Showing the Full Spectra, Sabrina Nemis, The Fulcrum, Ottawa, ON.




2014        Preston Hardware Award for Excellence in Sculpture, University of Ottawa

2013         Honorary Mention - Jacqueline Fry Scholarship, University of Ottawa